General Info

General Information

CESC 2016
Central European Summer Course on Mycology
Biology of pathogenic fungi: genetics, genomics, diagnostics
July 02 - July 08 2016
University of Szeged
Biology Building
Szeged, Kozep fasor 52
Tel: +36/62/544849
Fax: +36/62/544823
Ilona Pfeiffer
Attila Gacser
Scientific Committee:
Jozef Nosek
Vladislav Raclavsky
Ilona Pfeiffer
Csaba Vagvolgyi
Attila Gacser
Conductor: BioGeneron KFT

The course addresses both the fundamental principles and techniques of molecular biology, genetics, genomics and diagnostics of pathogenic fungal species. Students gain an in-depth knowledge of pathogenic mechanisms, molecular genetics, and the biochemistry of important virulence factors. Other topics include phylogenomics as a new way to discover disease mechanisms, host adaptation mechanisms of pathogenic fungi, epidemiology, molecular typing, analysis of extracellular elements of pathogenic fungal species and much more. A detailed scientific program can be found here. Each lecture directly relates molecular biology to current laboratory techniques.